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The SNR of positron emission data with Gaussian and non-Gaussian time-of-flight kernels, with application to prompt photon coincidence
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  • Johan Nuyts ,
  • Michel Defrise ,
  • Stefan Gundacker ,
  • Emilie Roncali ,
  • Paul LECOQ
Johan Nuyts
KU Leuven

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Michel Defrise
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Stefan Gundacker
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Emilie Roncali
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This paper analyses noise propagation in positron emission tomography (PET). It presents a method to compute the effective signal-to-noise ratio provided by the time-of-flight (TOF) measurement.
The proposed method can be used to compare TOF-PET systems with different and possibly event-dependent TOF-kernels, as encountered when prompt photons, such as Cherenkov photons are present, or when the detector is composed of different scintillators.
May 2023Published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging volume 42 issue 5 on pages 1254-1264. 10.1109/TMI.2022.3225433