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Locality Preserving Projections with Autoencoder
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  • Ruisheng Ran ,
  • Ji Feng ,
  • Zheng Li ,
  • Jinping Wang ,
  • Bin Fang
Ruisheng Ran
the College of Computer and Information Science

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jinping Wang
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The proposed LPPAE method in this paper combines the conventional LPP and Autoencoder creatively. The idea of LPPAE can be made as a general framework and then extended to variants of LPP, so a series of new methods of LPP can be derived. And, the idea of LPPAE can also be extended to the other manifold-based dimensionality reduction methods, for example IsoP, NPE, LLTSA, etc., so that these methods will have new versions and achieve better performance.