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Optimization of Support Vector Machines by Meta-Heuristic Approach for Differential Diagnosis and Classification of Oral Diseases
  • Roozbeh Soltani ,
  • Amine Jaouadi
Roozbeh Soltani
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Amine Jaouadi
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The dataset has been done at Gilan University of Medical Sciences. It included 210 clinical images of oral mucosa, 154 images of which were related to the three studied lesions: 50 cases of erosive lichen planus and ulcerative, 53 cases of leukoplakia, 51 cases of oral SCC, and 56 images were related to healthy mucosa. The dataset contained 30 features.
01 Sep 2022Published in International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology volume 7 issue 5 on pages 17-27. 10.33564/IJEAST.2022.v07i05.004