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SPRSound: Open-Source SJTU Paediatric Respiratory Sound Database
  • Yongfu Li
Yongfu Li
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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It has proved that the auscultation of respiratory sound has an advantage in early respiratory diagnosis. Various methods have been raised to perform automatic respiratory sound analysis to reduce subjective diagnosis and physicians’ workload. However, these methods highly rely on the quality of the respiratory sound database. In this work, we have developed the first open-access pediatric respiratory sound database, SPRSound. The database consists of 2,683 records and 9,089 respiratory sound events from 292 participants. An accurate label is important to achieve a good prediction for adventitious respiratory sound classification problem. A custom-made sound label annotation software (SoundAnn) has been developed to perform sound editing, sound annotation, and quality assurance evaluation. A team of 11 experienced paediatric physicians is involved in the entire process to establish golden standard reference for the dataset. To verify the robustness and accuracy of the classification model, we have investigated the effects of different feature extraction methods and machine learning classifiers on the classification performance of our dataset. As such, we have achieved a score of 75.22%, 61.57%, 56.71%, and 37.74% for the four different classification challenges at the event level and record level.