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Evaluation of Adults' Acumen with Quantified Anthropometric Indices
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  • Md. Hasibul Islam ,
  • Kusum Tara ,
  • Shadhon Chandra Mohonta ,
  • Abu Sadat Md Sayem ,
  • Ajay Krisna Sarkar ,
  • Md. Shamim Anower
Md. Hasibul Islam
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kusum Tara
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Shadhon Chandra Mohonta
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Abu Sadat Md Sayem
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Ajay Krisna Sarkar
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Md. Shamim Anower
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This work considers adults’ acumen to be assessed with four quantified indices like cell membrane capacitance (CM), total body fat (TBF), total body water (TBW), and total body impedance (TBI) that reflect subjects’ cerebral stress handling competence in the face of intense cognitive task. Primarily, an electrical model of the epithelial tissue structure (ETS) has been represented and anatomized in the light of hormonal change happens inside human body to propose a number of preambles. An intelligence quotient (IQ) test designed to agitate mind has been conducted right before measuring body composition parameters. Finally, comprehend data operations and juxtaposed investigations to vindicate model-implied preambles along with quantified indices were made by comparing them to IQ test outcomes. Effectively innervated nervous system with homeostasis endocrine human anatomy has been reported to have CM, TBF, TBW, and TBI in the range of 1.0-2.1nF, 7.9-20%, 56.8-80%, and 470-550 Ω respectively for the subjects whose acumen is classified as “Class-A”, while “Class-B” is also presented with distinct quantified indices. These indices are expected to be paradigm of non-invasive neurological disorder detection, additionally, it can also be applied in categorizing youngsters before deploying them to highly productive tasks suitable for them.