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Rotor Angle Stability Analysis and Enhancement of Synchronous Condenser in Large-Scale Renewable Energy Farms
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  • Huanhai Xin ,
  • xinyu liu ,
  • di zheng ,
  • Dong Chen
Huanhai Xin
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xinyu liu
Zhejiang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dong Chen
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Deployment of Synchronous Condensers (SynCons) has become one popular solution in accommodating large-scale renewable energy resource (RER) for existing power systems. In  this paper, rotor angle instability of SynCon is investigated. To  derive intuitive understandings and quantitative analysis, the  swing equations of the equivalent synchronous generators (ESG)  are derived. The Lyapunov’s direct method is employed to analyze  the attraction domain for a typical benchmark system. Based on  that, a rotor angle stability margin index is developed and an  adaptive low voltage ride through (LVRT) control strategy is  proposed for assessment and enhancement of rotor angle stability.  The criterion and effectiveness are verified with on EMT  simulations, respectively.