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Single-Phase Five-Level Transformerless PV Inverter for the Alleviation of Common Mode and Leakage Currents by Accounting the Effect of Device Junction Capacitance
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  • Vital LN Muktevi ,
  • Venu Sonti ,
  • Narasimham VRL PASUMARTI ,
  • sachin jain ,
  • Yam P. Siwakoti ,
  • Sze Sing Lee
Vital LN Muktevi
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Venu Sonti
NIT Raipur, NIT Raipur

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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sachin jain
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Yam P. Siwakoti
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Sze Sing Lee
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This paper presents a five level PV inverter switched capacitor configuration which has the mentioned feature. The proposed topology also has low value of charging and discharging currents. The proposed topology uses two switched capacitors of low value with low voltage and current ripple across and through them respectively. Further, the proposed solution also takes care of the transitions in the terminal voltage and constant CMV due to the device junction capacitance (DJC). This further helps in reducing the size of common mode and EMI filters required at the output of the five-level inverter. Further, a new mathematical analysis of terminal voltage and CMV is given by taking into the account DJC. Using the given mathematical analysis, the analytical waveforms of the terminal voltage and CMV are obtained to support the analysis given. The proposed analysis is further justified with the help of simulation and experimental waveforms.