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A Non-Resonant Partially Reflecting Surface Antenna With a Phase-Correcting Surface for Gain Enhancement
  • Yuehe Ge
Yuehe Ge
Fuzhou University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Partially-reflectingsurface (PRS) resonant antennas have  attracted  significant  attention  for  the  past  two  decades. However,  their radiation  performance is  still not  as  good as expected. This  paperproposes  a  non-resonant  PRS antennathat does  not  require  the conventionalresonant  conditionthat  limits design  flexibility  andgain performance.  It  consists  of  a  PRS,  a ground, a small feed,and a transparent phase-correcting surface (PCS) placed above  the  PRS forphase compensation.  The  ray-tracing method is usedto analyze the proposed non-resonant PRS antenna,and numerical simulations areconductedto  verify its effectiveness.Three prototypes arefabricated and tested,and the measured results show a better  gain performance than the conventional PRS antennas that require the resonant condition.