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Novel Approaches to Oscillator Dynamic Linear Simulation Guarded by Circuit Fundamental Theory

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This paper presents novel approaches to oscillator dynamic linear simulations. The simulations use the RF linear simulation software Genesys to simulate the integral transistor-based LC oscillators and the op-amp based Wien (RC) oscillator with the new criterion. The simulation approaches and criteria are designed based on a new oscillator linear theory, which treats oscillators as the energy-free two-port linear networks with the full characteristics of oscillators. The simulations are dynamic in order to be consistent with the dynamic oscillation buildup. The simulations are also linear to obey the circuit linearity constraint. The network response is controlled by the Thevenin source, where both E and R01 of the source are dynamic. This source is created from oscillator internal dynamic resonant energy. The generalized scattering parameter (S’) is used for the dynamic linear simulations. The simulations showed that the LC and Wien oscillators have the same characteristics at oscillation stable states, namely, the internal negative resistance (NR), internal inductive and capacitive impedances, positive phase slope, and negative net resistance of source loop.