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Bi-level decomposition algorithm of real-time AGC command for large-scale electric vehicles in frequency regulation
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  • Donghan Feng ,
  • Yi Zhao ,
  • Hao Su ,
  • Yun Zhou
Donghan Feng
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Yun Zhou
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Under the implementation of the ‘Two Rules’, large-scale electric vehicles (EVs) with their V2G capability have become important incremental resources in the frequency regulation (FR) scenario. Based on the information interaction framework between the power grid and EVs in the form of the aggregator, the optimal decomposition of real-time automatic generation control (AGC) command from the power grid to EVs are discussed in this paper by proposing a bi-level decomposition algorithm considering the network model in combination with real-time dispatchable information of EVs. In the bi-level decomposition algorithm, on the one hand, the upper level decomposes the total AGC command between the aggregator and the AGC unit with economy as the goal and safety as the constraint. On the other hand, the AGC command is decomposed between each EV in the aggregator based on the real-time dispatchable power and the battery life loss under the condition of meeting the demand for EVs. The study case of the real-time AGC command decomposition shows that the proposed bi-level algorithm can realize the real-time command decomposition in the information interaction framework from the power gird to EVs in the perspective of economy and safety.
Jun 2023Published in Journal of Energy Storage volume 62 on pages 106852. 10.1016/j.est.2023.106852