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Price Calculation of Industrial Loads using Fuzzy Based Tariff
  • Soumit Mondal
Soumit Mondal
Bureau of Indian Standards

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Industrial loads are the major consumers of electricity in every utility. In every industry, the cost of electricity is the most significant expense besides raw materials cost, labor costs etc. But due to non-implementation of any incentive schemes for electricity consumption of the industries by the utilities, industries are also less interested in electricity demand management which in turn again increases their expenses incurred due to electricity. Without demand management of the consumer, the utilities also face difficulties in supplying the load and incurs more losses. In this paper, a comparative analysis has been made between the price of electricity consumption by an industry in normal tariff structure and in an incentive-based tariff scheme using fuzzy logic. After implementation of fuzzy based tariff, industrial loads support the utility by applying demand management and gets the highest benefits. The utilities also gain by reducing the losses during supply.