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Robust Sampled-data H∞ Control Of Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicles With Parameter Uncertainties and Actuator Saturation
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  • Qingcheng Guo ,
  • Weiping Zhang ,
  • Zhicheng Deng ,
  • Jiawang Mou ,
  • Chaofeng Wu
Qingcheng Guo
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Weiping Zhang
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Zhicheng Deng
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Jiawang Mou
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Chaofeng Wu
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Robust control is essential to the flapping wing micro aerial vehicle (FWMAV) due to model uncertainties, environmental or self changes during flight, such as the change of drag coefficient caused by airflow and the asymmetric effect caused by wing damage. This paper proposes a robust H∞ controller synthesis scheme for parameter-varying FWMAV systems with sampling measurement and control input saturation. A linear parameter varying (LPV) model is established to characterize the nonlinear FWMAV model with uncertainties. We introduce an input delay approach to transform the sampled-data system into a continuous system with time delay. A nonconvex optimization with bilinear matrix inequalities (BMI) is established to synthesize the proposed robust output-feedback controller with the PID structure, ensuring the H∞ performance of the closed loop. A Lyapunov function is proposed to ensure the asymptotic stability of the closed loop system. The BMI problem is restricted furthermore and transformed to a convex optimization problem with linear matrix inequalities (LMI) constraints, making the method computationally practical. The numerical simulations show that the proposed controller possesses superior performance and strong robustness in the FWMAV compared with four other controllers.