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Pixel Optimization via Genetic Algorithm of a Flat Epidermal Antenna for Fat Channel Communication
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  • Rossella Gaffoglio ,
  • Giorgio Giordanengo ,
  • Marco Righero ,
  • Giuseppe Musacchio Adorisio ,
  • Bappaditya Mandal ,
  • Mauricio David Perez ,
  • Hansjörg Scherberger ,
  • Robin Augustine ,
  • Giuseppe Vecchi
Rossella Gaffoglio
Fondazione LINKS, Fondazione LINKS

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Giorgio Giordanengo
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Marco Righero
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Giuseppe Musacchio Adorisio
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Bappaditya Mandal
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Mauricio David Perez
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Hansjörg Scherberger
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Robin Augustine
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Giuseppe Vecchi
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Fat intra-body communication (Fat-IBC) is a novel concept of communication through the low-loss fat tissue layer of the body. This new data transmission approach is promising for the implementation of wireless, in-body, bidirectional Brain-Machine-Body connectivity, which will profoundly impact different fields, such as brain implants with read/write capability and human-like artificial sensors and limbs. In this paper, we apply an evolutionary algorithm combined with a full-wave electromagnetic solver to optimize a flat epidermal antenna, to improve the radiation coupling into the body and favor the signal transmission in the subcutaneous fat layer. The application of this method to a skin-fat communication channel shows satisfactory results when both the antennas of the link are considered and materials with high relative permittivity are used. A good radiation coupling into the body is observed, and transmission losses lower than 5 dB/cm are achieved.