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A Comprehensive Review of the Application of Machine Learning in Medicine and Health Care
  • Tewodros Tassew ,
  • Xuan Nie
Tewodros Tassew
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The world is currently undergoing a rapid transformation in technology that will drastically change our lives, and potentially redefine what it means to be human. Machine learning has advanced significantly in the last few years. AI has become popular recently because of the large-scale data processing and managing capacities of machines. The application of machine learning in healthcare has two main domains: computer science and medical science. Machine learning techniques have brought advancement in medical science, allowing for the analysis of complex medical data. However, in the healthcare industry, machine learning serves as the doctor’s brain and knowledge. In this paper, we’ll look at some of the benefits of ML-based solutions and how they can be applied to healthcare. In recent years, many conferences have been held to explore new automated technologies in medicine to provide better health care. Several researchers are working in this domain to bring new innovations and features. This paper will outline the main advancements of machine learning in the automation of data analysis for patients’ health records and making predictions based on the data. It will also compare the leaps that have been made in computer-aided diagnosis, drug discovery, and personalized medicine.