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Machine Learning for Rectangular Waveguide Mode Identification, Using 2D Modal Field Patterns
  • Brian Guiana ,
  • Ata Zadehgol
Brian Guiana
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Ata Zadehgol
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We apply machine learning (ML) techniques to identify the modes in rectangular waveguides from images of 2D modal field patterns injected with uniform, exponential, correlated exponential, and Gaussian noise distributions. A binary classifier is used to identify either transverse electric (TE) or transverse magnetic (TM) modes, and a Multi-class classifier is used to identify the mode numbers. Signal to noise ratios of 1, 0.1, and 0.01 are used to show the effectiveness of each model. Results show accuracy scores up to 99.95%. Several examples demonstrate that noisy modal patterns (unidentifiable to human eyes) may be successfully classified by the ML model.