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Automatic Negative Content Monitoring and Blocking using NSFWJS for Kids Browser Apps
  • Leonard Matheus Wastupranata
Leonard Matheus Wastupranata
School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Technological developments make everything easier to access through their respective devices. However, there are still many parents who are overwhelmed to control the safe links for their children to explore. As a result, many cases of children watching pornographic videos without strict security from the application level. For this reason, the site block feature has been implemented using the NSFWJS library initiated by Infinity Red. The detection system will run according to the API request from the main server which will be sent to the NSFW server. The test results have shown that for each image labeled with a certain ground truth, it is in accordance with the actual detection results. Tests on the full URL have also passed the test by directly blocking the URL if it finds the first image that contains negative content. In conclusion, with the development of the blocking feature using NSFWJS on the backend server, all access attempts that will be made on the child’s device will be immediately blocked so that the blocking runs more effectively and optimally.