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Internet of Everything: Enabling Technologies, Applications, Security and Challenges
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  • Wazir Zada Khan ,
  • Wajid Rafique ,
  • Noman Haider ,
  • Saqib Hakak ,
  • Muhammad Imran
Wazir Zada Khan
University of Wah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Wajid Rafique
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Noman Haider
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Saqib Hakak
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Muhammad Imran
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Internet of Everything (IoE) connects billions of people, devices, objects and things to the Internet for autonomous services provisioning. IoE benefits from the value created by the compound impacts of connecting people, processes, things, and data. The interoperability among heterogeneous components facilitates seamless communication exchange for service provisioning in almost all the fields of life. Apart from providing immense benefits in autonomous services provisioning, it suffers from implementation issues, architectural considerations, and security and privacy vulnerabilities. There is a lack of surveys that comprehensively discuss all the aspects of IoE. Therefore, we design this survey to discuss key effective implementation of IoE. We discuss enabling technologies, architectural components, and expectations for an efficient realization of IoE. We discuss state-of-the-art use cases, synergies, and implementations of IoE that could be used as a road-map for and effective implementation of IoE-enabled systems. We highlight key security, privacy, and trust issues. We identify lethal attack scenarios and highlight countermeasures against these attacks. Finally, we discuss current challenges, their solutions, and future research directions. This survey provides key insights for implementing future IoE systems.