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How Should Design Evolve for Optimized Use on the Web? The Role of Cognitive Perception in Modern Technology
  • Inika Singh
Inika Singh
California High School

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The advancement of technology has been an ongoing process to aid humans in both func- tionality and entertainment, the former being of utmost importance as the need for new breakthroughs increase. However, as the need for technology grows, the amount of website accessibility cases has grown as has the noncompliance of Title II and III of ADA (Ameri- cans With Disabilities Act) compliance. While this is a reflection of the usage growth of the internet, it is often assumed - and rightfully so - that increased usage would in turn mean increased accessibility. That is far from the truth though, as increasing concern has led to looking for ways to make the web more convenient for all users. This research in particular covers disabilities that affect the auditory cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and vi- sual senses. It also considers temporary and situational disabilities, as well as internet and device capabilities. Findings include the integration of better fit models for increased access to the web, which consists of features on both websites and apps. Findings also discuss the practicality of applying these models and the difference between theory and practicality.