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Automation and Orchestration of Zero Trust Architecture:Potential Solutions and Challenges
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  • Yang Cao ,
  • Shiva Pokhrel ,
  • YE ZHU ,
  • Robin Doss ,
  • Gang Li
Yang Cao
Deakin University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shiva Pokhrel
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Robin Doss
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Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a paradigm shift in how we protect data, stay connected, and access resources. ZTA is  non-perimeter based defense, which has been emerging as a promising revolution in the cybersecurity field.  It can be used to continuously maintain security by safeguarding against attacks both from inside and outside of the network system. However, automation and orchestration ZTA, an essential direction towards its seamless deployments over real-word networks, have been poorly understood in literature. In this paper, we first identify the bottlenecks, discuss the background of ZTA and compare it with traditional perimeter-based security architectures. More importantly, we present a comprehensive direction towards the automation and orchestration of ZTA  by employing AI techniques. In other words, the key potential and roles of celebrates AI techniques for the automation and orchestration of ZTA are demonstrated for further exploration. Overall, in this review paper, we develop a foundational view on the challenges and potential enablers for the automation and orchestration of ZTA.