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Power Plant Induced-Draft Fan Fault Prediction using Machine Learning Stacking Ensemble
  • Tlamelo Emmanuel ,
  • Dimane Mpoeleng ,
  • Thabiso Maupong
Tlamelo Emmanuel
Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dimane Mpoeleng
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Thabiso Maupong
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The data used our analysis is from an ID fan which is part of a coal powered plant that produces a target output of 117W. The fan is placed at the outlet of the boiler. The fan runs at an air flow rate of 5365 Am3/min , with a density of 0.85 kg/m3, diameter of 2440 mm , with a total pressure of 505 mmAq and a speed of 989 rpm. The fan impeller is driven by a 650 kW electric induction motor (6600 V 50 Hz 3 Phase) with a speed of 1000 rpm.
Oct 2023Published in Journal of Engineering Research. 10.1016/j.jer.2023.10.001