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Statistical Tools and Methodologies for Ultrareliable Low-Latency Communication - A Tutorial
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  • Onel Alcaraz López ,
  • Mohammad Shehab ,
  • Nurul H. Mahmood ,
  • Hirley Alves ,
  • Osmel Martínez Rosabal ,
  • Leatile Marata ,
  • Matti Latva-aho
Onel Alcaraz López
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Mohammad Shehab
University of Oulu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nurul H. Mahmood
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Hirley Alves
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Osmel Martínez Rosabal
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Leatile Marata
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Matti Latva-aho
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Nov 2023Published in Proceedings of the IEEE volume 111 issue 11 on pages 1502-1543. 10.1109/JPROC.2023.3328920