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AlGaN-Based Metal−Semiconductor−Metal Ultraviolet Photodiodes
  • Solumtochukwu Nwabunwanne ,
  • William Donaldson
Solumtochukwu Nwabunwanne
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William Donaldson
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Efficient and ultrafast (aluminum)-gallium-nitride-based metal-semiconductor-metal (Alx)Ga1–xN ultraviolet photodiodes were implemented to investigate the spectral properties of GaN/AlGaN-based photodetectors. Al composition of the GaN templates were varied from 0-% to 30% to demonstrate the impact of Al mole fraction on the cutoff wavelength of these UV photodiodes. Asymmetric metal contact electrodes were fabricated to optimize the external quantum efficiency without compromising their ultrafast photoresponse. The best performing devices exhibited a peak response of 4 V and an oscilloscope limited temporal pulse width of 61 ps at a 20-V bias with a peak spectral responsivity of 36.5 mA/W at 280 nm.