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Vehicle re-identification and trajectory reconstruction using multiple moving cameras in the CARLA driving simulator
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  • Ashutosh Kumar ,
  • Takehiro Kashiyama ,
  • Hiroya Maeda ,
  • Fan Zhang ,
  • Hiroshi Omata ,
  • Yoshihide Sekimoto
Ashutosh Kumar
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Takehiro Kashiyama
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Hiroya Maeda
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Fan Zhang
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Hiroshi Omata
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Yoshihide Sekimoto
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Analyzing vehicle movement trajectories is essential for understanding urban mobility and traffic flow patterns. Obtaining a reliable estimate of vehicle trajectory is challenging as it requires the vehicle to be observed and re-identified at different locations and times. Recently, a scalable citywide traffic flow estimation method has been proposed utilizing moving cameras on vehicle dashboards. As moving cameras constantly interact with their surroundings, they provide valuable information about the urban environment that can be used to estimate vehicle trajectories. This study extends the recently proposed method for traffic flow estimation by using cameras mounted on multiple moving observers to reconstruct the trajectory of detected vehicles. We develop the CARLA ReID dataset, which includes more than 50,000 images taken from 85 cameras for over 700 different vehicle models, and train a re-identification network to identify the same vehicle by multiple observers. Utilizing our proposed methodology, we conduct extensive research to estimate trajectories of vehicles in a driving simulator CARLA and evaluate the accuracy of reconstructed trajectories using Symmetrized Segment-Path Distance (SSPD) and Hausdorff Distance metrics. Our proposed method achieves a mean error of 5.13 meters evaluated using the SSPD metric for ten driving experiments in CARLA. Findings from this study will provide valuable insights for conducting traffic flow research in a simulation environment, which is otherwise challenging and costly in practice.