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28nm High-K-Metal Gate Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistors Based Artificial Synapses
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  • Sourav De ,
  • Yannick Raffel ,
  • Sunanda Thunder ,
  • Franz Müller ,
  • Maximilian Lederer ,
  • Thomas Kaempfe ,
  • Masud S K Rana ,
  • Luca Pirro ,
  • Konrad Seidel ,
  • Bhaswar Chakrabarti
Sourav De

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yannick Raffel
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Sunanda Thunder
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Franz Müller
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Maximilian Lederer
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Thomas Kaempfe
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Masud S K Rana
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Luca Pirro
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Konrad Seidel
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Bhaswar Chakrabarti
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This paper presents 28 nm high-k-metal gate (HKMG) based ferroelectric field effect transistor (FeFET) devices fabricated on 300mm wafers at GlobalFoundries’. The fabricated devices demonstrate 103 WRITE-endurance cycles and 104 seconds of data-retention capability at 85°C.