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Investigation of AlGaN-Delta--GaN Based UV Photodiodes in a Metal--Semiconductor--Metal Configuration for Efficient and Fast Solar Blind UV Sensing
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  • Solumtochukwu Nwabunwanne ,
  • Bryan Melanson ,
  • Jing Zhang ,
  • William Donaldson
Solumtochukwu Nwabunwanne
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Bryan Melanson
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Jing Zhang
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William Donaldson
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Metal–semiconductor–metal (MSM) configuration UV photodiodes (PD’s) were designed and fabricated on an AlGaN/GaN–based substrate for efficient and ultrafast UV detection. The purpose was to investigate the feasibility of obtaining efficient and ultrafast temporal response from these devices in the UV given the challenges associated with the formation of Schottky contacts on laterally oriented AlGaN/GaN thin films. Two sets of devices were implemented using Pt and Au as metal contacts with 5-mm finger width, 5-mm finger spacing, and a 50-mm ´ 50-mm active area. Spectral and voltage bias studies were done to establish the spectral profile and the effect of bias voltage on the responsivity of the detectors at 265 nm. The best vertical MSM PD’s produced 0.6-A/W responsivity under 10-V bias voltage at 265 nm. Peak spectral responsivities were recorded as 1.35 A/W and 1.25 A/W at 240 nm for Pt and Au PD’s respectively.
Aug 2023Published in IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics volume 59 issue 4 on pages 1-8. 10.1109/JQE.2023.3274705