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Blockchain-based Route Selection with Allocation of Radio and Computing Resources for Connected Vehicles
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  • Juraj Gazda ,
  • Taras Maksymyuk ,
  • Zdenek Becvar ,
  • Madhusanka Liyanage ,
  • Marcel Volosin ,
  • Eugen Slapak ,
  • Adam Petik
Juraj Gazda
Technical University of Kosice, Technical University of Kosice

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Taras Maksymyuk
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Zdenek Becvar
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Madhusanka Liyanage
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Marcel Volosin
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Eugen Slapak
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Adam Petik
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Most of the existing solutions for communication of connected vehicles (CVs) are focused on the optimization of resource allocation, however, not taking the driving routes of the CVs into account. In addition, no existing work considers the offloading of computing tasks from CVs to edge computing servers. In this paper, we introduce joint vehicular route selection and radio and computing resource allocation for CVs. The proposed algorithm minimizes the ratio of failed tasks along the entire vehicular route considering the availability of both radio and computing resources. To manage the allocation of resources among multiple CVs for each vehicular route, we develop a blockchain-based framework allowing resource reservation by means of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT represents an exclusive right to the required amount of radio and computing resources for the given road segment and defined time interval. Simulation results show that the proposed vehicular route selec-
tion algorithm reduces the ratio of tasks not completed before deadline by up to 69% compared to the existing state-of-the-art algorithms.