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Capacity Enhancement of 5G 4T4R network using multiple non orthogonal polarization antenna system with transmitter beam angular diversity
  • Laxmkant Minz
Laxmkant Minz

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This work provided a study of multiple polarization for use in a MIMO system. Currently, only 2 polarization MIMO system model is in use. However, there are multiple antennas in Tx and Rx sides, therefore, increasing the number of polarization equivalent to the number of antennas can improve MIMO channel capacity.
We experimented with different combinations for polarization for 4T4R MIMO system. The 4 suitable polarization obtained is further studied for higher capacity with Transmitter Beam Angular Diversity. Tranmistter Beam Angular Diversity reduce the correlation among non orthogonal polarization channel and improve MIMO system capacity.