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Parallel Kalman Filter Bank Method in Output Estimation for Plants with Zeros
  • Sudath Munasinghe
Sudath Munasinghe
University of Moratuwa

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Kalman filter is often used with plants without zeros. However, when the plant has zeros, the Kalman filter tends to neglect the effects of zeros, leading to errors in output estimation. Without the effects of zeros, the Kalman filter estimation would lag behind the true output, or it would lead to true output if the zeros are on the RHP. The parallel Kalman filter bank, instead of a single filter is proposed to remedy this problem. Each Kalman filter in the bank operates on a plant submodel that is obtained by decomposing the plant model. The output estimations of all of the Kalman filters in the bank are added together to synthesize the plant output estimation. The method was simulated in a PID-controlled system where better results have been obtained.