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Diverse Frequency Time-modulated Metasurface for False Target Jamming Theory and Experiment
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  • Mengmeng Li ,
  • Davide Ramaccia ,
  • Alessandro Toscano ,
  • Filiberto Bilotti
Mengmeng Li
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Davide Ramaccia
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Alessandro Toscano
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Filiberto Bilotti
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This paper presents a false target jamming method for linear frequency modulated (LFM) radar based on diverse frequency time-modulated metasurface (DF-MTS). The DF-MTS is composed by a set of elements, each of which is independently time-modulated to realize specific false targets in the high-resolution range profile (HRRP) of the radar system. Thanks to the control of the modulation scheme in each element of the metasurface and the combined response of the overall surface, we demonstrate the capability to realize several false target patterns consisting of single and multiple targets symmetrically, or non-symmetrically, distributed around the actual target. A general expression of one-dimension HRRP of DF-MTS at different observation angles is given to show the relation between the generated false targets and frequency components. Due to the flexible capacity of scattered field manipulation, DF-MTS has enhanced performance on control of false target jamming at different observation angles. Both simulated and measured results demonstrate the validity of false targets manipulation, demonstrating its effectiveness as electromagnetic countermeasure for achieving radar camouflaging and deception.