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Finite-time Nonlinear H∞ Control of Robot Manipulators with Prescribed Performance
  • Mehdi Golestani ,
  • Robin Chhabra ,
  • Majid Esmailzadeh
Mehdi Golestani
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Robin Chhabra
Carleton University, Carleton University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Majid Esmailzadeh
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This study addresses the problem of constrained finite-time nonlinear H∞ tracking control for robot manipulators, despite the existence of actuator faults, system uncertainties, and external disturbances. Following the backstepping recursive design procedure, a constrained tracking control with a simple structure is developed to guarantee that the state errors converge to zero in finite time and the L2 gain of the closed-loop system is not greater than a prescribed value. Further, the favorable performance of the control system in steady-state and transient response, including maximum tracking error, maximum overshoot, and minimum convergence rate, are simultaneously imposed. Moreover, the developed controller is free of the singularity associated with the use of fractional power in finite-time control and it is not contingent on solving the Hamilton-Jacobi or Riccati equations. The fault tolerant capability and efficacy of the proposed control framework are demonstrated through simulation studies and comparisons with pertinent works.
2023Published in IEEE Control Systems Letters volume 7 on pages 1363-1368. 10.1109/LCSYS.2023.3241137