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A process for Classification of Underweight and Underheight people using ML
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  • Maria Joseph ,
  • M. Jahir Pasha ,
  • Bhasha P ,
  • Silpa c
Maria Joseph
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univeristy Anantapur,

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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M. Jahir Pasha
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Self-report on height and weight had huge result on the precision of a screen for overweight and corpulence. Real and reported body size each helps to find the underreporting body weight. Self-reports will stay significant wellbeing reconnaissance apparatus yet ought not to be depended on solely to identify weight issues. Exactness checks of self-report information might further develop reviews of weight issues in youngsters. This Classification helps to improve the understanding the underweight and the under height causes. We consider the dataset employed to isolate the underweight and under heightened individuals of both orientations as per individual levels and loads. To isolate individuals, this study utilized an assortment of regression approaches, including linear and logistic regression and classification approaches like decision tree and random Forest techniques with the help of these techniques we achieve the self-reported anthropometric measurements can be used to determine BMI for purposes of weight classification.