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Quantum Machine Learning Driven Malicious User Prediction for Cloud Network Communications
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  • Rishabh Gupta ,
  • Deepika Saxena ,
  • Ishu Gupta ,
  • Aaisha Makkar ,
  • Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Rishabh Gupta
National Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Deepika Saxena
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Ishu Gupta
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Aaisha Makkar
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Ashutosh Kumar Singh
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This letter proposes a novel malicious user prediction model based on quantum machine learning that estimates the vicious entity present in the communication system precedently before allocating the data in the distributed environments. The proposed model scrutinizes the behavior of each user and estimates probable data breaches using a developed malicious user predictor unit. The model computes essential scores associated with each user request for the learning process of the prediction unit by generating training samples. The predictor unit exploits the computational and behavioral properties of Qubits and Quantum gates for the accurate prediction of the malicious user with high precision to grant access to non-malicious data requests only. The experimental evaluation and comparison of the proposed model with state-of-the-art methods reveal that it significantly improves the security of the system up to 33.28%.
Dec 2022Published in IEEE Networking Letters volume 4 issue 4 on pages 174-178. 10.1109/LNET.2022.3200724