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Wideband Array Signal Processing with Real-Time Adaptive Interference Mitigation
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  • Adam Whipple ,
  • Mark Ruzindana ,
  • Mitchell Burnett ,
  • Jakob Kunzler ,
  • Kayla Lyman ,
  • Brian Jeffs ,
  • Karl Warnick
Adam Whipple
Brigham Young University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mark Ruzindana
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Mitchell Burnett
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Jakob Kunzler
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Kayla Lyman
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Brian Jeffs
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Karl Warnick
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A hardware and software pipeline is created to perform wideband interference cancellation through real-time beamforming.
21 Jul 2023Published in Sensors volume 23 issue 14 on pages 6584. 10.3390/s23146584