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CWCS: Cascaded Wireless Clock Synchronization Scheme for Ultra-Wideband based Positioning Networks
  • Fengyun ZHANG
Fengyun ZHANG
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Ultra-wideband (UWB)-based positioning is essential in industrial and public spaces, and knowing our location influences many of our key decisions. Precise clock synchronization between anchors is necessary for large-scale localization systems. So the approaches designed for a small-scale and simple lab scenario are inappropriate. In this paper, a cascaded wireless clock synchronization (CWCS) method is suggested as a solution to address these problems. The wireless clock synchronization (WCS) algorithm is initially introduced, followed by a description of the CWCS scheme for multiple master anchors and a discussion of the clock calibration packet (CCP) transmission control algorithm. The experimental findings show that the CWCS scheme performs well in UWB-based positioning networks.