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Zira Voice Assistant- A Personalized Interactive Desktop Application
  • Vedant Titarmare ,
  • Minakshi Wanjari
Vedant Titarmare
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G H Raisoni College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Minakshi Wanjari
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Since we know that python is a developing language so it is easy to write a voice assistant script in python. Day by day life became smarter and more connected to technology. We already know some voice services like google, Siri etc. Now in our Zira voice assistance system, it can act as a daily schedule reminder, send emails, calculator, play music and a search tool. Our project works on voice input and provides voice output and displays text on the screen. Our main voice help agenda makes people smarter and delivers faster results with a computer. Voice Help captures voice input with our microphone and transforms our voice into understandable computer language providing the necessary solutions and answers that the user asks. By doing this project, I realized that the concept of AI in all fields reduced human effort and time saving.