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ICT integration by primary school teachers in Tunisia : users profiles and associated factors
  • Zied Trabelsi ,
  • Abdelmajid Naceu
Zied Trabelsi
University of Tunis

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abdelmajid Naceu
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Our study aims to closely analyze the professional uses of ICT by primary school teachers in Tunisia while trying to assess the various factors associated with this use to understand the causes of these differences. Initial theoretical work was necessary to define the concept of usage and present the various factors associated with it in the scientific literature. Then, we conducted a quantitative study with 350 French Language teachers in the primary cycle in Tunisia. The results revealed a weak ICT integration correlated to a set of personal and institutional factors. However, these correlations, by themselves, are not significant enough to explain these low uses\sout. This allows us to explore new approaches in relation to the social dimension of the concept of usage, which considers the teacher as an active social actor who constructs his or her uses in interaction with other actors, hence the importance of considering collective dynamics in the construction of teachers’ professional uses of ICT.