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An EEG-based Multi-Time Scale Spatiotemporal Compound Model for Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness in Navigation Course
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  • Lingling Wang ,
  • Yixin Liu ,
  • Yiqing Li ,
  • Renxiang Chen ,
  • Xiaohong Liu ,
  • Li Fu ,
  • Yao Wang
Lingling Wang
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Yixin Liu
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Yiqing Li
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Renxiang Chen
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Xiaohong Liu
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In this paper, Electroencephalography (EEG) from physiological indicators was introduced to the assessment of teaching effectiveness in the higher education. The Multi-Time Scale Spatiotemporal Compound Model (MTSC) was proposed to extract and classify the features of participants’ EEG signals. The presented MTSC objectively elucidated that the Hand on Modular Engineering Project-Based (HMEP-based) navigation course reshapes students’ innovation ability.