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Trans Perspective in Software Engineering
  • Carla Rocha ,
  • marina Joranhezon ,
  • Fabiola Malta Fleury
Carla Rocha
universidade de Brasilia (UnB), universidade de Brasilia (UnB)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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marina Joranhezon
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Fabiola Malta Fleury
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The software industry employs few women and underrepresented minorities. Several initiatives from organizations, practitioners, and OSS communities address equity, diversity, and inclusion in software development. However, most of these initiatives deal in a generalist and simplistic way, often confusing diversity with gender diversity, reinforcing an industry with a homogeneous workforce, which has little room for the inclusion of sub represented communities. One of these communities is the transgender, who suffers from several intersections of oppression concerning gender, race, class, age, and disabilities, thus having voices erased in the industry.
Our research aims to identify the concepts of diversity in Software Engineering (SE) from a transgender perspective. We conduct a Systematic Grey Literature Review (GLR)  to map the concepts around diversity in SE, focused on trans perspective. We detail our GLR, and inspired in Grounded Theory (GT) we have a coding protocol to build a concept map.
As a result, we obtained a concept map format, which illustrate some of the complexity of diversity issues in SE focused on trans people and how organizations and developers can contribute to trans inclusion in the software industry.
The paper starts a discussion regarding the perspective of trans people in the area.  Research in diversity should observe the oppressions that exist and how they interact without simplifying and isolating issues such as treating gender in a binary way and not interconnected with other issues such as race. SE industry is strategic to the trans community. Although communities declare themselves to be diverse and open to entry, concrete actions are lacking.