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Enabling conditions for the deployment of integrated local energy communities in Europe
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  • Martina Caliano ,
  • Amedeo Buonanno ,
  • Marialaura Di Somma ,
  • Giorgio Graditi ,
  • Christina Papadimitriou ,
  • Chrysanthos Charalambous ,
  • Przemysław Dopierała ,
  • Leszek Bronk
Martina Caliano
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Amedeo Buonanno

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Marialaura Di Somma
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Giorgio Graditi
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Christina Papadimitriou
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Chrysanthos Charalambous
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Przemysław Dopierała
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Leszek Bronk
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The main goal of eNeuron H2020 project (Nov 2020-Oct. 2024, ID: 957779) is to develop innovative tools for the optimal design and operation of local energy communities, integrating distributed energy resources and multiple energy carriers at different scales. This paper presents a review study of the enabling conditions for the deployment of integrated local energy communities (ILECs) in Europe, performed within the project. The enabling conditions are addressed by defining the key actors and their interests in the implementation of an energy community at local level and through a detailed mapping of the enabling and emerging energy and information and communication technologies at both household and community levels. Special focus is also on mapping of the demand-side flexibility technologies to understand the benefits of local flexibility and impacts on the larger systems. In such analysis, the key issues for implementation and adaptation of this new energy paradigm are investigated through covering technological, socio-economic, environmental, and regulatory aspects.
Paper accepted at 2022 Workshop on Blockchain for Renewables Integration (BLORIN) - DOI:  10.1109/BLORIN54731.2022.10028420