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Training Postural Balance Control with Pelvic Force Field at the Boundary of Instability
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  • Isirame Omofuma ,
  • Victor Santamaria ,
  • Xupeng Ai ,
  • Sunil Agrawal
Isirame Omofuma
Columbia University, Columbia University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Victor Santamaria
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Xupeng Ai
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Sunil Agrawal
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This articles discusses the use of the Robotic Upright Stand Trainer (RobUST), a cable driven exoskeleton that actuates the trunk and pelvis independently, for postural balance control training. It examines the changes that occur in healthy patients after a perturbation based balance training session conducted in virtual reality. In addition, there are two testing conditions tested. In one condition subjects are given assistive support at the pelvis by RobUST to help resist perturbations and in the other, there is no assistive support. Data collected include electromyographic data from lower limb muscles, movement and variability of movement data.
06 Dec 2023Published in Bioengineering volume 10 issue 12 on pages 1398. https://doi.org/10.3390/bioengineering10121398