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Streamlining Debugging with MDugger: Catching the Uncaught
  • Weijia Yang ,
  • Takeshi Fukushima ,
  • Steven McCluney
Weijia Yang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Takeshi Fukushima
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Steven McCluney
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This article is about our latest development in the field of automated software debugging. As experienced developers in the software industry, we have encountered the challenges of debugging large-scale applications firsthand. Our major software product, Maxwell, which has been supporting businesses for over 10 years, contains over 14 million lines of code, making debugging a daunting and time-consuming task.
To tackle this issue, we have been working on automating the debugging process, which will not only save valuable time but also improve efficiency, especially for new developers who may not have the same level of experience with the product. Our MDugger prototype has shown great promise in shortening software development time and improving efficiency based on the pilot project.
We believe that our findings will greatly benefit the software community and we are eager to share our experience and knowledge with you.