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AI-Powered Smart Contracts: The Dawn of Web 4
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  • Iraq Reshi ,
  • Muneeb Khan ,
  • Sadaf shafi ,
  • Sahil Sholla ,
  • Assif Assad ,
  • Huzaib Shafi
Iraq Reshi
Islamic University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Muneeb Khan
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Sadaf shafi
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Sahil Sholla
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Assif Assad
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Huzaib Shafi
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Smart contracts backed by artificial intelligence hold the key to a better tomorrow. As smart contracts begin to incorporate artificial intelligence, many previously steady marketplaces might instantly turn unpredictable. A smart contract is a program that operates autonomously on a blockchain. The program’s decentralization ensures its safety, openness, and credibility. However, since they are static in essence and cannot adapt to new circumstances due to their immutable nature, these programs are limited in the tasks they perform. As a remedy for this shortcoming, we propose a few novel use cases where we solve some of the huge problems in a wide array of domains by incorporating Artificial Intelligence in these programs called Smart Contract. With consideration of hardware and new frameworks, this manuscript also discusses the potential of utilizing AI in such contracts. We describe the usage of AI to monitor the activity of these smart contracts in real- time and to provide an alert if an attack seems imminent. We also offer a new approach for marketing businesses and organizations on the blockchain (DAO) that is likewise decentralized and makes use of AI in the smart contract to enable incentivization. The use of AI in Smart Contracts also opens the door to the possibility of other applications, such as Fashion Design in Gaming.