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Review: Biometric Based Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)
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  • Shilpa Srivastava ,
  • Muskan Bhardwaj ,
  • Pavni Sharma ,
  • Priyanshi Jhalani
Shilpa Srivastava
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Muskan Bhardwaj
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Pavni Sharma
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Priyanshi Jhalani

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Organizing free and fair elections in the country has become quite difficult for the government these days .A large amount of money has been spent on this to ensure that there are no riots during the elections .But nowadays, certain forces have become accustomed to rigging elections, leading to a contrary verdict to what the people intended. The purpose of this paper is to present a new voting scheme that uses biometrics to improve accuracy and speed while avoiding rigging. Due to the fact that each human has a different fingerprint, we can easily identify the personal details by using fingerprint sensors in our system. Therefore, this system is better than the current voting system. Voters' fingerprints will be entered into the system as input during the elections. Then this input fingerprint will be compared to the database. If the user's data is available in our database, then we will grant them voting access. However, if the record does not match our database, then we will reject this vote. The same applies to repeat users. By reducing costs, the system's maintenance costs and overall costs for conducting elections also decrease.