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Optimizing the Installation of Hybrid Power Plants in Non-Interconnected Islands
  • Evangelos Pompodakis ,
  • Georgios C. Kryonidis ,
  • Emmanouel Karapidakis
Evangelos Pompodakis
Hellenic Mediterranian University of Crete, Hellenic Mediterranian University of Crete, Hellenic Mediterranian University of Crete

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Georgios C. Kryonidis
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Emmanouel Karapidakis
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This paper proposes a comprehensive optimization approach based on linear programming (LP) for the installation of multiple hybrid power plants (HPPs) in non-interconnected islands. Contrary to the current state-of-the-art solutions, the proposed approach optimizes simultaneously the size, location, and technology of each HPP in order to minimize the long-term electricity cost of the island. The optimization problem is formulated as a LP problem to ensure convergence and global optimum solution. Moreover, a series of system constraints are included in the optimization problem, e.g., power reserves, transmission constraints, etc., to ensure the secure and reliable operation of the grid; this is compatible with the actual preventive measures imposed by the network operator in real non-interconnected islands. Simulations are executed in a real Greek Island (Rhodes), confirming the applicability of the proposed method as an optimization tool for network planning studies in non-interconnected islands.
Dec 2023Published in Journal of Energy Storage volume 74 on pages 109511. 10.1016/j.est.2023.109511