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A 1-Bit Coding Reconfigurable Metasurface Reflector for Circularly Polarized Wave Beam Steering from Linearly Polarized Incidence
  • Debidas Kundu ,
  • Shulabh Gupta
Debidas Kundu
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Shulabh Gupta
Carleton University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A 1-bit reconfigurable metasurface reflector is designed. It can provide beam-steering of circularly polarized (CP) re- flected waves when a linearly polarized (LP) plane wave is incident upon it. The unit cell of the metasurface provides 1-bit coding (‘bit-0’ and ‘bit-1’) for both v- and u-polarized reflected waves when two distinct reverse bias voltages (3 V and 20 V) are applied to the varactor diodes. Using such unit elements, a 20×20 array is constructed. During the array construction, a quadrature phase difference is main- tained between the v- and u- polarized components of each element. Using both theory and full-wave simulation re- sults, it is shown that the proposed metasurface reflectarray can steer two symmetrically deflected CP beams with two opposite handedness for a LP plane wave incidence.