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A Novel IoT-Enabled System for Real-Time Monitoring Home Appliances Using Petri Nets
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  • Cheng-Ying Yang ,
  • Yi-Nan Lin ,
  • Victor R.L. Shen ,
  • Frank H.C. Shen ,
  • Wun-Siang Jheng
Cheng-Ying Yang
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Yi-Nan Lin
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Victor R.L. Shen
National Taipei University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Frank H.C. Shen
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Wun-Siang Jheng
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Correct use of home appliances is intended to avoid property damage and life unsafety. Also, serious fire accidents must affect the safety of one’s neighborhood. Therefore, this study uses the Internet of Things (IoT) platform to build an intelligent system that aims to measure the temperature rise of home appliances, which is employed to monitor the usage states of home appliances in real time. Hereby, the microcontroller, Node Micro Control Unit (NodeMCU-32S), is used to develop an IoT platform combined with sensors for measuring AC voltage, current, and ambient temperature so that the electrical power and temperature rise of load can be detected. Meanwhile, the smart measurement system is integrated with mobile devices to upload the detected datasets to the Google cloud database system. Thus, it can be used as samples for future calibration of system parameters with machine learning. Moreover, the verification of feasibility and soundness of a system model is performed by using Petri net tool, WoPeD, for the purpose of eliminating the improper states to optimize the system performance. Finally, the experimental results show that the proposed IoT-Enabled system has promising precision, 94.17%, and recall, 92.26%, which obviously outperforms other existing systems.