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On Calibration of Mobile Low-cost Sensors for Urban Air Quality Monitoring
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  • Mannam V Narayana ,
  • Devendra Jalihal ,
  • Shiva Nagendra S M ,
  • Aswin Giri
Mannam V Narayana
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Devendra Jalihal
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Shiva Nagendra S M
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Aswin Giri
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In vehicular mobility applications, sensor devices are exposed to rapidly varying concentrations of pollutants. Therefore, more than a conventional data set containing features such as sensor output, temperature and humidity is required to calibrate mobile sensors. We propose a new data set having additional features to address possible error sources encountered in vehicular-mobility LCS applications. We show that the proposed data set is a better choice for calibrating mobile LCS devices when compared to the conventional data set. Further, we propose and investigate two different tandem configurations involving a two-phase calibration approach to improve the calibration accuracy of mobile sensors. The calibration is done with real-time data obtained from an LCS device, SensurAir, which we developed and deployed in Chennai, India.