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DC Inductor Design using the Unique Air Gap Equation
  • Sobhi Barg
Sobhi Barg
Mid Sweden University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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this paper presents a new design method of  the DC inductor using the unique air gap equation. The  uniqueness of the air gap equation is demonstrated using  different mathematical methods. The equation used in the  literature for the air gap calculation is ambiguous and can  easily lead to misconceptions of its dependency on the core  cross section. Furthermore, this paper investigates the effect of changing the relative permeability and the  inductance value on the number of turns and the air gap. An advantage of the proposed method is it gives a good understanding of the interdependence between the  inductance variables. Its main features are: (1)  straightforward design flow of the DC inductor, (2) low  optimization time and (3) better accuracy.