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M-Class PMU for general purpose embedded controllers in NI Veristand environment
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  • Anurag Mohapatra ,
  • Steffen Büttner ,
  • Thomas Hamacher ,
  • Vedran S. Peric
Anurag Mohapatra
Technical University of Munich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Steffen Büttner
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Thomas Hamacher
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Vedran S. Peric
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This paper presents the design, implementation and validation of a M-Class PMU on a general purpose embedded controller, concurrently used for inverter and grid control tasks, deployed over a unified real-time control environment. The rising number of embedded controllers in active distribution grid opens an opportunity for shared computation and instrumentation resources. Unified real-time control environments can efficiently coordinate multiple embedded controllers, IOs and models from different toolchain. The PMU in this paper, is implemented within the NI Veristand real-time control environment at CoSES laboratory in TU Munich. It uses the existing instrumentation and controller setup for inverter and prosumer control in an active distribution grid laboratory. The PMU passes all Mclass device accuracy tests set by the IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 standard. The output is compliant to the IEEE-SA C37.118.2 messaging standard and connected to an open source PDC software. The proposed solution demonstrates the possibility of merging different grid control and operation functionalities within the unified Veristand RT control environment.