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TSN-based Industrial Network Performance Analysis
  • Mohamed Seliem ,
  • Ahmed Zahran ,
  • Dirk Pesch
Mohamed Seliem
University College Cork

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ahmed Zahran
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Dirk Pesch
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Industrial automation applications enforce strict requirements on the automation network, such as strict timing, upper bounded latency, low jitter, and essentially zero loss. Time sensitive networking (TSN) is an enabling technology for future automation networks. While most studies on TSN for industrial applications have focused on simple approaches to performance evaluation, we provide a comprehensive simulation based analysis for a typical industrial use case. We specify the network traffic produced by automation applications and associated TSN traffic classes. We model different network configurations such as priority queuing, time aware shaping, and credit based shaping to study how they meet the delay constraints of the different traffic classes. To evaluate the performance of our TSN based industrial network, we build and configured a network model and a set of application traffic models to generate realistic network traffic together with defined network design goals in OMNET++. Our simulation results show that a TSN based network meets all application requirements.